Due to the destabilizing effect that Facebook has had on our democracy, socialization, and cognition, we will be permanently deleting our Facebook account.

We believe a line has to be drawn somewhere. We believe we’ve crossed that line a while back, but didn’t take it serious enough.

You can continue to see our image-heavy exploits on Instagram (unless it falls into abuse too).

This choice doesn’t come lightly, as we know that the way in which people communicate with friends and family has fundamental changed. I, the owner of AirView Cinematography have lost real friend by removing myself from Facebook because this is now how people communicate. It’s a contemporary move akin to moving into the woods without a phone. People don’t write you, and they surely don’t come to visit. So, following deletion always comes a wave of loneliness as a vast interface of human interaction is removed. But, it’s a pain like setting a fracture. And we must attempt to heal what is broken.

Here’s how you can keep in touch:
Instagram: @airviewcinematography
Website: www.airview.us
Email: Adam@airview.us
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/airviewcinematography/

And if you want to go real old school, phone/text: 5035120461

With that said, if you’re considering doing the same, there are somethings you might want to consider to get your digital house in order.

Here’s a rough facebook delete tutorial. A little bit dated.


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