Were happy to finally announce our new aerial A-camera.  We have chosen the DJI Inspire 2 as our new cinematography drone.  The image quality is nothing short of amazing, while offering the performance and safety and redundancy that we require.  We have been waiting and watching for months to vet the second generation Inspire.  The original Inspire is arguably the best built, most reliable product DJI has made.  It’s looking like they may have taken themselves to task of being a drone better built and more capable than the first model.

We had a hard time choosing another DJI product, as putting all our eggs in a single manufacturer’s basket is frankly a little scary, especially with DJI’s new aggressive geo fencing.

The problem really is that the rest of the drone industry is over a year behind DJI.  There’s nothing on the market that can compete with the Inspire 2.  We briefly considered getting a larger Hex copter like a the Freefly Alta 6 and fly our Sony FS5, but put up against the Inspire 2, it would cost significantly more, have a much higher cost of operation and insurance, and limit us to the camera capabilities of the FS5 which don’t measure up to the X5S.

In the end, we’re very happy with our new drone and camera system and look forward to expanding its capability with additional batteries, multi-charger, tracking antenna, and future cameras.


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