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Art Council of Lake Oswego

We were delighted with the Art Council of Lake Oswego called us regarding their need for video for a new public art gateway.  The concept was simple; show perspective proposers the available installation sites for a new gateway sculpture.  And as with most simple concepts, there was a lot to do to make that happen.  Initially the idea was to shoot a “drone video” of the site.  Being in the business of storytelling we knew that there would need to be a little more than that to communicate to a national pool of perspective artists the sense of place that Lake Oswego is, the level of involvement in the art world that they are committed to, while providing a clear image of the prospective sculpture sites.

The project had a tight timeline and need to come in neatly on budget.  We were able to shoot on the cusp of a major snow storm front, get bright and lively looking footage, as well as do all motion graphic work in-house, in a timely manner.  The result is a project that clearly communicates its message, and is a project that we’re very proud to have in our portfolio.

More information on the project can be found here.

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