AirView Cinematography

We are a video production company specializing in aerial video and photography.  AirView was founded to service larger video production company’s need for high quality aerial imagery.  This allows our clients to focus on the larger picture, while leaving us to keep tabs on the current technological and regulatory environment of this new booming industry.

We provide a more experienced, effective, safer, and cost-effective solution for capturing aerial imagery.  Our pilots are Part 107 licensed and all operations conducted in compliance with FAA and local regulations.  All of our operations are legal, insured, and done safely.

Adam Simmons

Adam Simmons is a former military journalist, received his Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Pacific Northwest College of Art, as well as a Getty Contributor.  He’s a lifelong creative professional who’s worked as a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, and even a nightclub dj.  He’s AirView’s founder and primary sUAS pilot.

* Accounts Manager

This growing field means that we’re growing. Someone with excellent sales and office management skills is needed to help AirView grow. This is a “ground level” position, one that will be vital to AirView operations. Inquire using the contact page with the subject “Accounts Manager.”

* Co-Pilot/Spotter/Camera Assistant

Having another set of eyes and hands on every project is of tremendous help. The position will require that you either have your Part 107 certification, or be capable of studying and passing the test. This job will pay a flat rate per gig, job position will be determined by the type of production being worked on. Must be comfortable with using a DSLR or Cinema style camera. This is an on-call position with the possibility of it becoming part-time/full-time. If interested, send a message using the contact page with a subject “Co-Pilot/Assistant.”

Professional Community Connections

We are members and listed in Oregon Media Production Association’s film and video directory Source Oregon, as well as Portland Creative List Directory.

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